10-22-08 Changes / by Melanie Grizzel


So not much is really changing and still everything is changing. 
We've had plenty of time to be thinking about this though, we have been pregnant since April. So really we're used to being future parents but that future is fast approaching and then we will be present parents. We're due January 9th. Just 21 days before my birthday and 4 days after my mom's birthday and 14 days after Christmas. Close enough that presents have 2 meanings but too far to still have it off for Christmas break. Steve and I are thinking of having a tradition in our house that everyone in the family gets to have 2 birthdays preferably 6 months or so apart that way for the first time in my life I can have a pool party for my birthday. And my two best girlfriends July 28, and August 1 can have a happy birthday ice skating or skiing. I rather like my birthday and I'm not sure what day I'll pick but we have about 3 years to consider is as out son will get to choose his extra birthday first. And he probably isn't going to be cognizant enough of it until at least then, probably later, I mean he'll likely be brilliant but maybe not that brilliant by then.
Tomorrow, we are going to head to California for our baby's first shower. It will be all of Steve's family and Patty's friends in attendance, Aunt Janet and Cousin Kelsi are throwing the shower at Patty's house. All I know if Kelsi is in charge of games and the shower invite had a rubber duckie on it, so I have no idea what to expect, they throw quite a party so I imagine it's going to be lots of fun. Kelsi is just 21 this year and has an awesome sense of humor so she knows my favorite thing about a shower are the games, I've already heard about one game I am mad for, hopefully it passes Janet's "yuck" test. We'll see on Saturday.
We found out about 9 weeks ago that we are having a boy. Even the technician was a little taken aback about what a boy he is ;) we're so proud.   
Our second shower is coming up the next weekend in Austin November 2nd. To be honest it will be the first shower in my life I was able to wake up in my own house and get dressed at my own house and go from there. I have been such a transient in the past. This shower is being thrown by my my 2 best girlfriends Suzanne and Alyssa. Alyssa is coming from New York to help toss the festivities and I saw the invitation it was so adorable, a hand made number shaped like a tea cup. It's a tea party at Suzanne's house. She is getting recipes for tea sandwiches from Patty who is a foremost authority on the subject. So suspect we'll be having some good eats ;) Plus it's a tea party and I love tea. I love the girly nuances of tea. It's one of my favorite pass times. Thanks to Patty for the introduction.
On November 1 we are going to take our only baby birthing class. This does not pass my my yuck test.  But at least we'll be informed, then the following weekend we are going to visit the hospital for a tour so we know where to go should there be an emergency, fingers crossed that will NOT be the case.
We'll be having yet one more shower coming up at the end of November thrown by my sister Hill in the Dallas area, we still have a number of family friends in the area. Not really sure what her plan is. She never tells me, she picks a theme and runs with it. Steve and I have been a little obsessive about Monkeys these last few months, I imagine our baby is going to be rambunctious he certainly is in my belly ;) so I suspect there will be something to do with Monkeys. She is throwing the shower Thanksgiving weekend. I am so excited about Thanksgiving weekend anyway, it's that much closer to baby and we get to put up the tree and it's her first Thanksgiving in their new house, and she just got dining room furniture so I know she is super excited about breaking it in. 
My plan is to put up a few of my most favorite holiday recipes and shoot them first so you can see what their supposed to look like. Soon. When we get back from California... I hope.
Have a great day, and we'll add some pictures of the shower when we get back. Thanks for looking.