3-22-09 This weekend / by Melanie Grizzel

3-22-09 On Friday we shot a wedding for dear friends of ours Sheryl and Rob. The wedding was simply delicious and everyone had such a lovely time. She had to remind me again and again that I was an invited guest... don't forget. So I played the rolls of both the photographer and a bridesmaid. So I got to help with the her shoes and zipping her dress, all the while I was documenting her most momentous day. We'll post images soon probably Tuesday. We had quite a busy weekend.

Thursday night I shot my best friend's daughter and 2 best friends. I'll post those images soon too.
This Friday we had out windows replaced in our home and my office has a new gigantic casement window to the outside. It's so glorious, when it's open it feels as though I am outside instead of inside. remarkable. I will be enjoying my office space very much. I will shoot an image of the outside of the house and show them off soon too.
Saturday we shot Beauty Roadshow for Marie Claire magazine. Basically it meant walking around with a writer through Austin's street on Saturday of SXSW weekend and picking out peopole with great style and making portraits of them on the fly. It went great and we had a good time, I got a bit more sun than I bargained for but it feels good to have been out in it. I love Austin.
I will be posting shots soon to show off all of this new stuff.
talk soon.