4-3-09 Peggy Roberts / by Melanie Grizzel

Last week, Steve's grandmother Peggy Roberts passed away, from a short but traumatic bought with cancer. She was a gracious and proud great grandmother to 4, grandmother to 8, mother to 4, and wife to 1. 
Her cancer was diagnosed after a stroke that essentially blinded her and left her dependent which was excruciating for her. Luckily from diagnosis to the end was only about 6 weeks, while it was terrible, it was short and she got to spend her sick days with friends and family around her. 
She was an avid golfer in her younger days and I was told she played a round of golf about 2 months ago. She got hole in one that day, for the second time. 
She lived a long and fruitful life and now she is free to find her beloved Don in the afterlife. 
She will be missed.