5-18-09 Trysha in town / by Melanie Grizzel

yesterday our friend Trysha was in town from New York. She came to San Antonio for a friends wedding and we met up with her on Sunday post wedding. She was a wee under the weather but we had a great time walking the River Walk and taking in a beer here -n- there. The weather was perfect. a gloriously beautiful day. 

Sadly though, we still couldn't shoot Christina and Matt. We are synchronizing our watches, soon we should be able to find a time to reschedule.
We are gearing up for the bridal extravaganza and we are having some sample books made for our office so we picked 3 books to try out. 
For our grande collection we are considering this:


And for our venti collection, this:



We certainly would love to hear your opinion, what do you think, which would you rather have?
Talk to you soon.