5-21-09 Trip to Dallas / by Melanie Grizzel

This weekend our family is packing it in and traveling to Dallas. My sister and I promised to swap every other month after we had our babies so our babies and we would know each others kids. It's been proving to be pretty difficult to leave on the weekends. So far this year, we were in Dallas in February and my sister's family came here in March, so we are little behind with our visits.

So we are going to Dallas to see my sister's family, my mom and my dad + step-mom, if they're around. 
Our plan was to go to Dallas this weekend anyway on Saturday and Sunday, the we discovered we could pull a 4 day weekend so we opted to go for Friday and Saturday and grab a piece of this Memorial Day. Then I got a call the other day from Zoom, Zoom Magazine in Canada and they have asked me to cover the "Mazda Miata" festival in Grapevine and Fort Worth on Sunday.  I'm strangely excited it's not really the kind of thing I'd be into but, we get to go on the race track, Texas Motor Speedway. We'll get to see some "fun races" since I'm told real races would be too much of a liability, bet I can't tell the difference ;)
That's the plan for the weekend. I'm sure we'll have a bazillion pictures to share after.
Family this time we have to let Zoom Zoom publish first. I just love saying it, like the commercial Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!
until next time.