10-1-09 Brandi + Lee Engagement / by Melanie Grizzel

I wish I could say I came up with the concept myself. But I didn't. Brandi + Lee are both chefs, they met in culinary school together. Brandi is a pastry chef, and deathly afraid of cameras and Lee is a sushi chef. They started dating 8 years ago and after only 2 weeks under there belt, they moved in together and here they are today. Their couplehood is a perfect balance. It's amazing to watch the 2 of them mellow the other of kick the other into gear. That's what you need, one of each. 
We had an amazing afternoon together (even Brandi thinks so.)  She might even be free of her fear... or not.
Brandi + Lee even pacified me by going to a location of my choice, a place I have been aching to shoot since I moved to Austin. It was just as beautiful as their kitchen, but totally different so I'll post those images tomorrow.
Thanks for looking. 
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