10-2-09 Brandi + Lee II / by Melanie Grizzel

I had a location in mind that I have been aching to shoot and I couldn't get any of my couples on board, they were just not seeing what I saw. Luckily, Brandi + Lee agreed to go even if they weren't 100% sold on this location. So they get their cake decorating set-up and I get my bridge set-up. Though there is so much more there to explore and I want to get under there again and play some more. Who's next? I didn't post these yesterday because I thought they were so different from the others it would only muddle both of their looks so here it is today. 
Incidentally, The Knot has decided to start a section on their website about creative engagement sessions and Brandi + Lee are going to be the lead story to start that out next week... I am beside myself with excitement. It's our first acceptance into The Knot and hopefully just the start of many more to come!!! I'll post a link when it available.
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Have a wonderful day.

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