11-2-09 Pet Project / by Melanie Grizzel

I don't shoot a ton of stills. But I started working on this little project quite a while ago. You can shoot all day long and the spent fruit never gets tired. 
We eat a lot of fresh vegetables in our house and occasionally one of them will get away from us and get tucked away until we find it again later, usually with a spawn. They don't seem to rot they instead sprout. They are so beautiful when they sprout I can't resist shooting them. Sadly other people don't think so. Steve leaves them for me but if my mother in law or my mom come in town I'll find a shiny new vegetable in the place of the old sprouted one. So I'm careful to get them shot and out of the house before we have company.
Here is the latest. It's a Turnip. And it was still yummy for dinner last week.


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