11.5.09 Christina + Matt Married! / by Melanie Grizzel

Christina and Matt, super cute couple. Christina has this cute way of grabbing Matt's face and squishing it in her hands and laying a giant smackaroo right on him. I thought this llittle token of affection was so cute while shooting their engagements session a few months ago. At the wedding I met her mom and dad, and I now see where she gets it ;) 
She is the fittest person I know, in-fact I'm a little embarrassed to be her facebook friend, because she works out all the time and I feel a bit like a schlub with all of the fun size twix bars I have swimming around in my gullet... I like twix better than spin class, I bet. She sure did look fantastic. What a beauty. 
Like on a silver platter, we were delivered the most beautiful day of 2009. The weather was perfect and the location, Chapel Dulcinea, was stunning! A quick commute up Mopac in rush hour traffic on Friday (seriously the traffic was insanely traversable, I beat the bride and groom to the reception.) Cocktails, dinner and dancing were enjoyed by all @ the Iron Cactus downtown. Lauren and I had a great time working with you guys and we wish you a wonderful and happy life together, congratulations!
P.S. As always you can find more images up on facebook!


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