4.15.10 Gullahorn Family / by Melanie Grizzel

Six months ago, or so, I was asked to donate services to a cause I believe in. So Patti bid on our offer and won our services, she wasn't sure what to do with it at first but decided that she would hold onto it until her big birthday she had coming up. So while she had her entire family in town for her birthday we shot her entire family.
It's brief glimpse into what it could be like in such a large family (3boys and 1girl) plus all of their spouses and kids (6 grandkids) and (2 great-grandparents) so in total 15? It's a strange kind  of chaos, a happy chaos, the kind of blinding nuttiness that can only come with a family this size. We wanted to take portraits of all of the family units plus the whole family and different groups and singles where there was time. It was a smashing success. 
The Gullahorn's bought a giant piece of property "out in the country" 30 some years ago and it's fun to think this is just the scene they imagined when they made this wonderful purchase. 
Thank you for looking.
Tomorrow, stay tuned for Samantha's bachelorette party.
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