5.8.10 People Magazine / by Melanie Grizzel

About 4 weeks ago I was contract to go to Dallas for People Magazine for a story about Brandon Henry. I love working with People, the stories are always really meaty and relevant. So I kind of had a grasp on his story, his girlfriend 7-8 month pregnant went to Italy on vacation delivered their baby and came home and lied about being pregnant still then came upw ith some story to throw him off. 
Well he finally go down to the bottom of the story went ot Italy found his baby in a convent there and went through all of the rigamarole to claim his baby and bring him home... If you want to read the full 3 page story, buy extra groceries and read it while you wait to be checked out. 
I inititally went in concerend for him and how he would be able to cope with this, but quickly learned that he is a remarkably equipped man and a great father. It makes me excited for their futures. He has a big supportive family and you just know everything is going to be wonderful for them. We wish them all the best in the world and congratulations, Dad!
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