5.11.10 Senior Lisa / by Melanie Grizzel

I may have said it before, but I'll say it again, I just love shooting Seniors. There is so much life and excitement about the next phase of their lives and I feel privileged to be there during that brief cross-road. Plus their really open minded about what is great, they just want to look good-deal ;)
I'm a little bit bummed that Seniors are finished for this season, we'll have to wait until next season Novemberish I guess. Our seniors have been a little slow to get started. We've have had a real difficulty figuring out how to advertise to high-school seniors. We got lucky this year 1 senior found us and sent all of her friends. Thank you Gracie ;) If you find this and you know a senior who is in need of their shots, send them this way.
Thank You.
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See you soon.


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