Kate + Ryan Married! / by Melanie Grizzel

Location: Casa Blanca 
DJ: ATXDJ ( did i mention how much I loved their music?! he had everything, including a little known song by Melanie. I highly recommend.)
I first met Kate early last year, we were out of her budget and she was ready to move on. However, she was convinced we were right and months later she called and asked frantically if the date was still available. Luckily it was, it turns out they were able to shift funds around here and there and were able to afford a high priority for them. I sure was glad they did.

They have been together for quite a while. Spending time away from each other while Kate teaches elementary school here in Austin and Ryan alternated semesters of college with internships for NASA. They finally made it to the same city and then living together, now they're married and blissful.

Their wedding was so joyous, we were thrilled to be there.
Thank you for working so hard to choose us.
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