5.26.10 Engagement Albums in Action / by Melanie Grizzel

Steve and I got married 4 years ago and we had all of the traditional things, cake cutting pictures, bouquet toss and a sign-in book. After 4 years of marriage when I meet someone new and we chat about wedding pictures our wedding album always comes out and I could sit and chat about our wedding and wedding photography for hours. You know what piece of wedding memorabilia that may see the light of day but once a year, at best? Our sign-in book. Our guests all dutifully signed our sign-in book and for some reason we only pull it out on our anniversary. We love all of our guests comments and when we do pull it out to reread all of their hand written notes they are all joyful memories. It's just not something we think of everyday. We wanted to make it more desirable piece of nostalgia for our couples so, we added a new product to our line up last year. The engagement/Custom designed sign-in book. We started making them last year so we just recently started seeing them in action at our weddings.
We've taken a few shots and wanted to share with you the joy that is our newest addition.
Thanks for looking.
See you soon.


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