6.8.10 My House / by Melanie Grizzel

I love my house. I love the way it feels in the early morning, the rooms are dark but the light from the kitchen illuminates the dining and living areas, it's quiet, it just seems to be getting ready for her day. I love later in the morning, the light just pours in from all angles and there is a peek through in the dining area that shares the light generously with the living room. All of the rooms are painted a different color thus sending a new message every step from the bedrooms to the kitchen. We've lived here for 4 years so far and this feeling never seems to fade. I walk from the office to the kitchen, on the way for a cup of coffee and I often think "I am IN LOVE with my house." 

I have always been a mover, my whole life, we would pick up and move from place to place, state to state, school to school. 7 schools, I think, before I wrapped up Elementary. Same system after that, but many different dwellings in between. My New York life wasn't any different the shortest amount of time I stayed in a house in New York was 8 days. I moved in with a friend and our sublet, essentially recalled it at the drop of a hat. My longest in New York was 3.5 years and I was aching to move on. But here, this house, I could stay here forever. 
We've planted plants and flowers and this year put in a tree, we can't stay forever, but we can make it even better for the next family who lives here. So they have the same deep affection for our tiny, little oasis. We've started our family here and Bishop as he grows get to experience this house. The galley kitchen goes to the dining room on one side and living room on the other side. Bishop is walking/running now and  sometimes I think the layout was for Chase. When we move forward in our lives and find a new house, bigger, in a better neighborhood, all of the trimming. Bishop will always remember this house is the house he came home too when he was a baby and we planted our tree in his honor. When he's 40 he can swing by his first house and see his tree. 
Don't get me wrong our house is modest in her square footage, but it would make our NYC friends blush from the excess. The house is situated on a mature tree lined street in an otherwise scary neighborhood and we will have to leave our house when our first is ready for classes. But for now, it holds a romance, that is palpable. It's our own little secret Eden. 
The sun is trying to peek through the clouds and the house is starting to flood with light, I have to get back to reality and doing some editing before our house is alive with the full energy of the day.
Have a wonderful day.