6.12.10 Juanita + John 5.22.10 / by Melanie Grizzel

I felt a special kinship with Juanita and John from the moment we met. They met at work and I love that, that's how Steve and I met. We discovered after our 45 minute meeting that we were only one degree apart, we have friends in common. Nice.
It was our first time to the Terrace Club, what an amazing view and the dance floor was on fire. They did a great job of making everything so beautiful, Hunter is fantastic and a real trooper. Anyone would be lucky to work with them, it was also our first time to work with Elite Events Austin, Courtney is fire-cracker, she was fantastic with everyone, everything ran smoothly considering there was quite a lot to contend with but she was able to keep her cool and get things rolling as if nothing ever happened! Good job Courtney, it was a pleasure to work with you and the Terrace Club and ATXDJ fantastic job as always, but most of all Juanita and John we were so honored to be with you on your most blessed. Congratulations!
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