7.2.10 Bek + Donnie Married! / by Melanie Grizzel

Bek + Donnie were married at Kindred Oaks at the end of of May. I LOVE Kindred Oaks, did I mention? Elaine is sucking a calming soul, such a pleasure work with on your most special day, and look at those views! for more view have a look at Maegen + Daniel's wedding, also at Kindred Oaks. 
Bek is a referral from a photographer friend of ours Hannah Day. As Hannah was a member of the wedding party she was far too busy orchestrating the day to also photograph the wedding. I was honored to have been asked to capture their moments for them.
Donnie is hearing impaired and Bek is a sign language interpreter. They're a match made in heaven. During the service they employed 2 interpreters, one male and one female to interpret each roll. They quietly and personally signed their vows, which were not translated for their guests. It was an amazing experience, it was best described by Donnie's best man, he is also hearing. He says it's amazing standing in a parking lot with a group of Donnie's hearing impaired friends and they're partying down, but all you can hear is quiet first pumps and occasional hand slaps. 
Congratulations to you both, we wish you both the happiest life together.
As always you can see a lot more images on facebook.
Thanks for having a look.

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