7.7.10 Carly's Bridal Session / by Melanie Grizzel

Carly and Chad were married on July 4th @ Mandola Estate Winery in Driftwood.
I have been excited for this wedding for over a year. I am wild for Carly + Chad and Carly's mom Donna. We have had a lot of fun during this year of planning. Carly started out, shall we say, skeptical, she may have had a couple bad experiences with wedding photographers and she was convinced we were all the same. She learned fast, after her girlfriend, at the expo, told her "if she wasn't a photographer, she would be your friend." We found out later that I could be a photographer and we could still be friends. Thank you Carly and Chad for your trust, and your friendship.
Our journey together began during their engagements session in October 09. click here to view. After that Carly decided she would like to add a bridal session, I think she always wanted one, she's a natural, anyway, in front of the camera. She chose the delicious and classic Laguna Gloria as a backdrop for our session. I couldn't be more pleased with how the session came out, so beautiful. Thanks to Donna and Larry for all of your help on that shoot. 
Carly and Chad tied the knot at the Mandola Estates on the 4th of July. The ceremony and reception were beautiful but my favorite part was the surprise fireworks display, they did a great job, and it was  a thrill for the Bradshaws'. 
Steve was walking around the gardens shooting some exterior shots for the our album when he was told by a patron that he "looked like a professional," and might he take a few shots of him with his girlfriend. Seconds after Steve took his camera the man knelt before his girlfriend and proposed. Steve unwavered by the man's surprise proposal shot the entire scene. It was exciting for her, for sure, but Steve had a really good time with it too.
Congratulations Carly and Chad, I'll post your wedding pictures in a few weeks when I have them ready. Congratulations mystery couple, we wish you all ever happiness on your new journeys. 
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