7.9.10 Faith / by Melanie Grizzel

Faith is our next door neighbor's daughter. I made arrangements with our good friend Meg, that we would trade 2 year old portraits of faith for a lifetime of babysitting. I win!
Faith was what you call a blue baby, she had a hole in her heart when she was born and Meg and Corby were warned that their first daughter would be whisked away moments after her birth to have open heart surgery. It turned out that she was in a better shape than they thought, they were able to take her home and fatten her up and get her ready for her operation at 3 months old. The doctors explained, they'll notice it in her color. It was true, she was always pale and bluish in the beginning, after her surgery she was decidedly more pink and healthy looking. A few short months after her heart operation she had plastic surgery to correct a cleft lip. In the future, around 16,  she'll have another operation to enlarge the vein going to her heart  and she may choose to have another operation for the scaring near the cleft lip site, but it's virtually unnoticeable. But young woman are their own worst critics, she may still find fault with her scarring. Today she is an exuberant, beautiful, screaming red head with a temper to match. She is the apple of everyone's eye. She's my neighbor.
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