Aileen -N- Jeremy / Austin Wedding Photographer / by Melanie Grizzel

They're from LA he is a movie producer and she's a novelist, they wanted have the ultimate "southern" wedding. Austin Weddin Photographer

Aileen Did her own make-up and her sister did her hair. She looking stunning.

Austin Wedding Photography

The beauitful flowers were provided by Erin at Rosehip Flora. She really brought home the southern wedding theme with her beautful arrangements.

San Antonio Wedding PhotographerSan Antonio Wedding Photography

The wedding was heald at the beautiful Star Hill Ranch.

Austin Wedding Photographer

Star Hill's atomosphere was perfect for A+J

Austin Wedding Photography

Jeremy knew just the designer to create his one of kind New Orleans inspired sear suckers.

San Antonio Wedding Photographer Ode to Jeremy and his love of comics, Aileen found these heart shaped comics on Etsy. The place with filled with little perfect details. Eye Candy.

San Antonio Wedding PhotographyAustin Wedding Photographer

Jeremy and his groomsman found and purchased their white chucks the morning of the wedding, nothing like waiting until the last possible second guys ;P

Austin Wedding PhotographySan Antonio Wedding Photographer

Dagar's Catering provided the delicious eats. Complete with a tree with bowls of different salsas hangin from it, beautiful!

San Antonio Wedding PhotographyAustin Wedding Photographer

Jeremy knew justthe designer to create their suits so he and his groomsman flew to New York, got fitted for their suits and their designer knocked them out in 2 days. I doubt he got any sleep those 2 days.

Austin Wedding Photography

Dagars also provided gingham and burlap for the perfect decor!

San Antonio Wedding PhotographyAustin Wedding PhotographerAustin Wedding Photographer


San Antonio Wedding Photographer

a sweet and weepy Jeremy.

San Antonio Wedding Photography

elated couple.

Austin Wedding PhotographerAustin Wedding Photography

Aileen's hand made heart place-cards.

San Antonio Wedding Photographer

husband and wife.

San Antonio Wedding Photography

mmmm Simon Lee Bakery.

Austin Wedding Photographer

Aileen and Jeremy were heading to Disney World for their honeymoon. It was Aileen's first time there, and she was beside herself with excitement to go. The firsworks were on a remote for them to start. and "It's a Small World" played while their fireworks fired and they departed. It was perfect.

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