bridal Q&A - Austin Wedding Photography / by Melanie Grizzel

Recently I had the pleasure of Skyping with a couple from out of town. They worked together with their planner to come up with a list of questions that fit their wedding and personalities perfectly. It was the best list of questions I've heard, thoughtful and intriguing. I  get excited when couples come in with lots of questions and they sound like this:

  • How long have you been shooting wedding photography?
  • Can I speak with couples you've recently worked with?
  • How do you interact with our guests on the night of our wedding?
  • Depending on the package, can it be customized?
  • If we want to do engagements can we shoot in multiple locations? with lots of clothing changes?
  • How long after the wedding do we get to see our images?
  • Will I have full rights to print my images from my DVD?
  • What inspires you?  What do you think make the best pictures?
  • We have huge families, how much experience do you have with photographing large groups?

There are gobs of great questions to ask. You can see several of these lists online, talk with friends about their experience, and find all of the information you can.

Wedding planning can be one of the top stressful experiences of your entire life, it's true, it's documented. There are a lot of couples out there who are just like you, feeling overwhelmed with all of the decisions they're expected to make in a short amount of time, way more questions than answers. Who better to speak with than other couples in the same boat?

In fact, come on down to our Bridal Q&A. We'll have on hand three brides who were married this year who will give you a first hand look at what it was like to plan their weddings. Plus Wedding Bee Blogger Amanda "Miss Cardigan" Hoerig, and a selected group of local vendors who will be available for any specific questions you may have about particulars.

Bridal Q&A

Thursday November 4th 6-9pm.

Viva Chocolato -3401 Esperanza Cross -smack in the middle of The Domain

we hope to see you and help you with ANY questions you may have.