Introducing Carly Bradshaw - Austin Wedding Photography / by Melanie Grizzel

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Can you tell me about your wedding?

My wedding was a wonderful, simple yet intricate, bright celebration on July 4th!  It was held at a beautiful winery in the Texas Hill Country and was a beautiful mixture of yellows, oranges, and greens.  Most importantly, it was full of meaningful family participation and we were surrounded by amazing friends who all love us dearly!  The celebration was amazing and the party never stopped!

What was most important to you before the wedding? And after?

Before the wedding, I stressed A LOT about numbers.  The venue claimed to only hold 250 comfortably, but we had over 300 people RSVP!  Since it was an out-of-town wedding, and on July 4th, we were amazed that so many people wanted to come.  Once we got over the shock, I became determined to make everything work perfectly!  The most important thing to me was planning everything down to the wire.  But, after the wedding, the most important thing has been the pictures and the video (which is still in production).  I feel like I probably missed a lot of stuff during the ceremony and reception, so seeing the pictures has been a real treat.  I can't wait for the video!  The memories are the most important thing, now!

What was the most memorable detail?

The fireworks!!  A lot of things had to play into the fireworks show working out perfectly - there was a hurricane in Austin the week/day before and we weren't even sure we'd be able to have the show... in the end, because of other cancelled fireworks shows in the area with our company, we ended up getting a super lengthy AMAZING fireworks show that everyone is still raving about!

What was the greatest detail from your wedding?

To me, the greatest details was my amazing dress.  It was actually my second dress - exactly one week before my bridal portraits, I had a personal freak-out moment about my first dress and the styling (my hair, jewelry, etc.); so, not only did I have to buy a new dress one week before portraits, I also had to buy a new hair piece AND had to find something that I didn't need to altar! In the end, I found the PERFECT dress and am so glad I went with my gut feeling!

Do you have any regrets?

I would like to say I have no regrets, but I definitely can think of two.

1. I tried out a few places before I decided on my final floral arrangement company and I wish I would have gone with my gut feeling on that, too.  In the end, the place I chose provided me with wilted, browning flowers on my big day. (I was furious.)  My 2nd choice was the Blooms floral department with HEB - I was hesitant because I wanted [what I thought was] the more experienced florist.  Looking back, I regret not going with Blooms.  I thought that more expensive meant better, but that wasn't the case with this.

2. I regret not starting the ceremony 30 minutes earlier.  I was told that taking pictures between the ceremony and reception would be tight - but I didn't realize what I would lose in the process.  I got no good individual pictures with each of my bridesmaids and I'm super sad about that.  I highly recommend scheduling time to take individual pictures with each of your bridesmaids!

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