Kelly -N- Jeff Married! - Inn at Wild Rose Hall - Austin Wedding Photography / by Melanie Grizzel

Austin Bridal Extravaganza Kelly and Jeffrey met while she was tending bar in Washington DC and attending school. She vowed she would not date a customer, but slipped him her number on a CC receipt and the rest is history. They currently live in the Bay area. They chose to have a wedding in Austin, Tx because she has family here.

It was important to them to leave a small carbon footprint so she used all locally-sourced vendors. Including hand-picking wild flowers from a Arnosky Wildflower Farm. Their entire vegan menu and cupcakes came from Green Island Catering. They also wanted to work with local woman-owned businesses The Inn at Wild Rose Hall and She-N-He among them.

Austin Wedding Extravaganza

Wedding at the Inn at Wild Rose Hall

sweetheart table at the inn at wild rose hall

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bride getting hair done in the mirror

maid of honor champagne

creative wedding favors at the inn at wild rose hall

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maid of honor portrait

grandpa at wedding Inn at Wild Rose Hall

Bridal bouquet wild flowers

San Antonio Wedding Extravaganza

San Antonio Bridal extravaganza

Wedding Guests at the inn at wild rose wall

Wedding Ceremony at the Inn at Wild Rose Hall

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North Texas Honey wedding favors

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Terry Pratchett Etsy store

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Austin wedding Extravaganza

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vegan cupcakes green island catering

Arnosky Wildflower Farm in Austin Texas

Arnosky Wildflower Farm destination wedding


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