Rolleicord / a tearful goodbye / Austin Wedding Photographer / by Melanie Grizzel

Austin Film Photographer

My beloved Rolleicord.
The first Christmas gift from my now husband. She was born somewhere circe 1955. I used her everyday since 2001 until about 2007,  when I went digital.
I have been missing film so much in the last few months, the thrill of not seeing what you produced but knowing what you have.
So I picked her up for a couple of recent trips to San Antonio and New Orleans. In fact, she was all I carried in New Orleans.
Taking the time to look through the viewfinder and with the entire world being backward you frame up your subject, focus (manual,) cock the shutter and fire. And you know, you've just made art.
I took her into Precision for a check-up and I was told there's not much they can do, they could do a few tweaks here and there and keep her running for a while but the prognosis was dismal. It's best she retire and sit on a shelf while I thank her for her wonderful service.
Soon I'll share how she spent her final days.
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