Liz -N- Doug / South Austin Engagement Session / Austin Engagement Photography / by Melanie Grizzel

Liz was hands down the most afraid subject I have ever worked with. She told me over the phone that she was completely unphotogenic. I explained this was a phenomena that only exists in ones head and that everyone is beautiful in some way and can be photographed as such. But as you can see, I was completely wrong, she's a hot mess ;) Just kidding, what a total knock out!

When we started our session, I drug them to a little less populated area of the neighborhood where they asked to be photographed.  I pulled her aside and started working with her letting her know it's not a scary thing, it's like dress up and can be fun. After we worked together for a  few minutes with both mine and Doug's encouragement she was a little less nervous. In any engagement session it usually takes couples about 30-45 minutes to relax, drop those christmas party snap poses and prom photo painted on smiles. That's when the magic happens.

There is a wonderful story of a photographer from the 50s or 60s who carried an 8x10 camera on all of his gigs. He was commissioned to photograph a famous actress in her time, so he went to her dressing room and proceeded to talk with her and snap his shutter and swap out backs for an hour or so and when he thought that he got her to a comfortable place he loaded in his only loaded film slide. All the rest were empty, he wanted to make sure he had her right where he wanted her before he fired off a sheet of film. They were very expensive, and he didn't want to waste a sheet. I believe the subject was Joan Crawford and the photographer was George Hurrell I think this might be the portrait or at least the same session. click Joan.

Bottom line, Liz is gorgeous and she and Doug chose 27 of 80 images to grace their walls and home and Liz may not be afraid of the camera anymore.

That makes me very happy and proud.


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