Rolleicord's final shots / Austin Photographer / by Melanie Grizzel

Film Photography in Austin, tx by She-N-He Photography and Design

Recently you read the news about my beloved Rolleicord. She's gone into retirement in a better place. But before that, I took her out for one last hurrah!

I dug her out in the first place because my friend, Katherine O'Brien, suggested if I was feeling a little less creative lately to pick up my old film cameras and play. So I did.

The thing about film is everytime you pick up the camera you make art. Every exposure requires skill, timing, and patience. Skill:particularly on an older camera without all of the fancy metering on the inside, you either have to carry an external meter or be really good at guessing. I'm pretty sure I carried a meter for these, it has been far too long since last I metered in my head. Timing: with a camera like this you have to cock the shutter (which essentially unlocks it.) Fire the shutter and unlock the wind and wind up the film by hand. It's just not the same as digital. Patience: it takes time to line up a shot and get the camera ready to make an exposure and fire; you have to make sure that everything in your frame is exactly how you want it or you might miss a great shot altogether when your moment starts to change.

I have never been one to crop images. Even to this day, I rarely crop an image. I shoot with purpose, every exposure is exactly what I intended. Well mostly, I crop from time to time, I'm not perfect.

I love the square format. I started shooting 35mm as a young lass as we all did, then I moved on to a Yashica D (twin lens reflex - a loaner from a friend /long term), then this Rolleicord, also twin lens, and then my Mamiya RB - 6x7 negative, a behemoth. But I carried her around from job to job, loud and proud.

I am madly in love with Instagram and I'm sure it's because of it's square format. I think in square again, it makes me so happy to just find art all day. I have filled my phone already, since January. And I post EVERYDAY. If you care to follow my Instagram feed you can do that by clicking Melanie Grizzel / Instagram.

The exposures you see forthcoming are from Rolleicord's final voyage. She has a dragging shutter, so nothing is properly exposed. It doesn't matter, because all of the film was expired by more than 5 years anyway.


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