Jenna Hollerbach / Portrait Photographer / Austin Photographer / by Melanie Grizzel

Jenna Hollerbach (nope it's real ;) is a silly talented stylist in Austin. She got her start working at the capital, when all of the wives of your local politicians started asking her to dress them. Walaa was born. She left her job and started in full time. I have worked with her many times and often ask her to sit in for light. Every time I noticed she has this look and I LOVE real people portraits. So I asked her to let me photograph her, it took a little coaxing, but finally she agreed. Seriously, wow, right?! I got to shoot a little film through my twin lens reflex, that was fun and it's been so long. The image on the left is film and the one of the right above is digital. The thing I like about film is it's slightly soft. And I know the color is right. Something I like about digital... you can manipulate it immediately if you choose to go that way. But lastly and most important, I love film because it slows me down, it makes me think about every composition, and every bit of light. You can experiment a little with digital but you can't with film, it has to be right. There is no "catching" with a twin lens, but it's perfect for portraits. I am not a trendy, fad film user, I am an old school film user and I miss it. My name is Melanie Grizzel and I am a film user.

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Model/Jenna Hollerbach   Hair+Make-up/Erica Gray