5 years and counting... an Austin Wedding Photographer / by Melanie Grizzel

The summertime is quiet: not a lot of commercial work going on, and in Texas, not a lot of weddings happening either. We had time to hang out and reflect on important things. This year I reflected by spending the entire summer with my boy before he started Kindergarten. We went out all day, played with our friends, and took naps together. It was perfect! Then the end of August rolls around and all of a sudden wedding season is upon us again. In the interest of getting back to work, someone recently asked me for a picture of myself in action. So I went through my virtual folder of images and kept coming across all of these images of us smiling, laughing and dancing at weddings. I realized, while I had a great summer "off," I REALLY missed my life as a wedding photographer. I put together a collection of images of Steve and I doing what we love.

This fall marks our 5 year anniversary as wedding photographers in Austin. We started She-N-He in 2009 and we find something new to love about it every single year. We've seen some amazing things since we started in this business. We've had the wonderful fortune to follow families though their weddings, pregnancies, births, birthdays and so on. I can't imagine a more fulfilling experience. I'm thrilled to photograph weddings and families and we have a damn good time doing it too.

She-N-He Austin Wedding Photography and Design specializes in making your day…YOURS. We capture your wedding just the way you see it. We’re a husband and wife team with backgrounds in Graphic Design/Art Direction and Commercial/Editorial Photography respectively. We bring to you a unique perspective that is romantic, modern and timeless and 15 years experience shooting all over the world. Call us and tell us all about your big day. We’re listening. 512-351-9314. We also service San Antonio, Dallas, New York City, and any and all remote destination locations.