Thao -N- John / An Austin Wedding at the Hummingbird House / by Melanie Grizzel


from Thao and John:

I suppose it was about the time I realized my wedding would be less of a Grace Kelly affair, and something a bit closer to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, when I started to really enjoy my day.  All the little, silly details start to blur into a vaseline lens view, and you realize all the things important.  That's when I was not only excited to marry my lifetime lover, but when I fell in love with my friends and family all over again.  My fondest memories of my wedding are seeing my friends and family gather in full force to help fold napkins while singing railroad songs, drive newly make-up'd bridal parties in un-air-conditioned minivans, aunts (well, one in particular) charging into the changing room just because she deserved to be there, uncles with cameras wielded more boisterously than the most seasoned paparazzi, cousins who were supposed to be guests instead transform into freelance wedding coordinators.  That's when you realize how much love surrounds you, that people you love so much are so willing to sacrifice time and distance away from their busy lives, Mother's day and birthdays put on hold, just to be with you and help you, to celebrate you and the love of your life.  And then, of course, there's my husband.  Who stood at the end of the aisle, crying like a newborn babe.  That was my absolute favorite part of the wedding--seeing that one person you want to be with most on this Earth, wanting the very same thing.  It brings me to tears again just thinking of our wonderful vows.  There were butterflies.  Not like in Disney movies, but real live butterflies floating in the air as we uttered lifelong promises to each other in front of those friends and family we hold dearly.  The wedding day was a blur, but the bits and pieces that I keep are some of the most valuable I have, and I will treasure them for as long as we both shall live.  

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Thao says:

Oh how do I count the ways?! Mel can do no wrong in my eyes.  While still awaiting my wedding pictures, I have NO RESERVATIONS about recommending her over and over and over again (and in fact, already spread her gospel amongst my newly engaged friends).  Why?  Because she is talent incarnate.  And a lot of fun.  But her talent and fun are only icing on a massive, moist cake of professionalism.  Her work is absolutely incredible--our engagement pictures were fun, unique, and vibrant with life and love.  She was flexible, yet inspired throughout, and took our ideas and made it her own.  I LOVED our engagement pictures and the three wedding shots I've seen--especially because I was a bit camera-shy with some self-doubt.  She made it all go away with a few camera flashes, and has the uncanny ability of seeing (and capturing) the beauty in anyone, regardless of how long she's known you.  She's willing to try new ideas and methods, yet experienced enough to know what looks best.  She is reliable, timely and responsive.  She guides without being overbearing--hell, she even talked me down during my one bridezilla moment when the family was pulling me here and there during family photo time in a cathedral veil under the Texan sun (think Hatfields and McCoys, except both factions come from my side of the family).  She is truly a gem--while everyone else makes you feel like you're just another bride-cog in the wedding-machine, Mel actually made me feel beautiful on the most important day to feel beautiful.  And for that memory and keepsake?  I'm forever grateful...

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Wedding Venue, Coordination, Catering and Cake – Nichole Rogerson - Hummingbird House / WeddingPhotography – She-N-He Photography and Design / Catering - Bittersweet/ Laura Eliel / DJ - Strat Kat DJ / Hair and Make-up – Little Orchard Salon / Cellist – Keith Nguyen / Violinist - Thomas Macgregor / Flowers – Gala Gals / Wedding Cake - Erin's Cakes / Officiant – Gibran Mancus / Babysitting - Fairy Godsitters

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