Natalie and Weston's wedding at The Winfield Inn / by Melanie Grizzel


from Weston:
    When we talk about our wedding, we always say we wouldn't have it any other way. We were challenge by the historic and tragic flooding of Austin and the surrounding areas including the Kyle, San Marcos, and Wimberley communities. We worked nearly a year for this moment and it was on the brink of being cancelled all together. However, on wedding day, we couldn't help but to be fixated on the local news reports, learning that I-35 was closed just south of the exit that was needed to get to the venue. But on this day, our day, the sky cleared and the sun peaked out. It was also surprisingly cooler than expected even though it was a late May weekend in Texas. It was a sign to us that this marriage was meant to be and the celebration of our families coming together went as planned nearly 8 years in the making from when Natalie and I first met. After all the dramatic weather, crunch-time planning, it ended up being the most beautiful day we've ever lived. The next day we set out on our honeymoon. About a month before, we were upset about American Airlines moving up our departure to Kauai 2 hours, but in the end we were actually blessed because if we would have left at our originally scheduled time, we would have lost a day due to travelling delays at the airport. Yet another storm swept through the Austin area just after we departed for Kauai that caused damaging floods and our out-of-state relatives that had flights just 2 hours after us were at the airport the rest of the day. #blessed (insert hallelujah emoji hands here) lol
    Not sure I can say much about anything I would have changed in the planning part. I guess our digital "Save The Date" is before its time. I can see this being the new thing in the future, but some of our guests didn't receive it. (Maybe Natalie can touch on this planning part)
    The most important planning was of course the photography! :) But seriously, that doesn't compare to what Sharon and Natalie had to do in the planning part so I can't answer specifically. What stood out to me on the day was how fast everything went (everyone says that, but you really don't understand until you're the bride and groom). We did have to follow a Hays County curfew too :). So don't get stuck on the tiny details, spend your efforts on the DJ, food, photography, your dance moves, then laugh and have fun!

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Wedding Venue, Coordination, Catering and Cake – The Winfield Inn / WeddingPhotography – She-N-He Photography and Design / Catering – The Winfield Inn / DJ – Greenbelt DJ  / Hair and Make-up – Laura Wyrtzen - Margo Meade at jco salon/ Flowers – Rosehip Flora / Wedding Cake -  The Winfield Inn / Wedding Gown - WTOO persiphone dress 

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