The Peterson's newest addition - Austin Lifestyle Newborn Photography #GrowingRiley / by Melanie Grizzel

I got to spend the morning with the Peterson's who, just one week before, became parents for the very first time. The house was dark and smelled of fresh diapers. There were baby blankets, used dishes, boppies and wipes everywhere. And two wide-eyed, sleepy new parents getting the hang of it. It was exhilarating.  They had a better handle on parenthood in 5 days then I remember having in that amount of time. #naturals  It also just so happened to be the couple's 3rd wedding anniversary. They had a circus themed wedding at Hummingbird House click here to have a look.  They haven't changed much, there is already a video of Nathan holding Riley in a Kangaroo pouch and juggling. And Jessica has taken a few shots of herself and Riley suspended on the silks. Our favorite circus family added new talent. I can't wait to see what she becomes. 2015-11-02_0001.jpg 2015-11-02_0009.jpg 2015-11-02_0005.jpg 2015-11-02_0014.jpg 2015-11-02_0003.jpg 2015-11-02_0004.jpg 2015-11-02_0002.jpg 2015-11-02_0007.jpg 2015-11-02_0008.jpg 2015-11-02_0011.jpg 2015-11-02_0013.jpg 2015-11-02_0020.jpg 2015-11-02_0023.jpg 2015-11-02_0019.jpg 2015-11-02_0016.jpg 2015-11-02_0017.jpg 2015-11-02_0006.jpg 2015-11-02_0010.jpg 2015-11-02_0018.jpg 2015-11-02_0012.jpg 2015-11-02_0015.jpg 2015-11-02_0022.jpg 2015-11-02_0021.jpg

The Peterson's newest addition - Austin Lifestyle Newborn Photography #GrowingRiley

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