Shameem's peaceful and loving - Austin Maternity Photography Session / by Melanie Grizzel


Shameem and Amaar met on a blind date  years ago and the couple had to date long distance fora long time while Shameem worked for her residency in New England. The couple married in the California wine country with an intimate group of family before they threw a blow out wedding reception in Austin in December 2012 click here to see their gorgeous wedding reception at Barton Creek Resort. They bought a house in the sweetest little neighborhood (perfect for thier coming family) in South austin while she wrapped up her time in Bostom. They finally get to be together all the time when she took a position near San Antonio and moved to Austin full time. We had such a wonderful time together for their wedding that they vowed to always keep me in the loop when their family had milestones and here we are. We haven't seen each other much since then, just casual conversation (and recipe exchanges) on social media, until now. The incredibly lovely, and almost sticky sweet, Shameem is expecting their first child. A baby girl coming soon. My all time favorite thing about this session is the second shot in the collection. I asked Shameem what kind of a husband Amaar is turning out to be and and her smile was so rich and spoke volumes about their happiness. I am so thrilled to follow my couple's (new family's) paths as they go through life reaching goals and hitting milestones. It's more rewarding than I ever imagined. 2015-11-17_0001.jpg 2015-11-17_0005.jpg2015-11-17_0003.jpg 2015-11-17_0007.jpg 2015-11-17_0008.jpg 2015-11-17_0004.jpg 2015-11-17_0027.jpg2015-11-17_0009.jpg 2015-11-17_0010.jpg 2015-11-17_0014.jpg 2015-11-17_0015.jpg 2015-11-17_0011.jpg 2015-11-17_0012.jpg 2015-11-17_0016.jpg 2015-11-17_0013.jpg 2015-11-17_0024.jpg 2015-11-17_0021.jpg 2015-11-17_0018.jpg 2015-11-17_0019.jpg 2015-11-17_0023.jpg2015-11-17_0022.jpg2015-11-17_0028.jpg2015-11-17_0017.jpg

2015-11-17_0026.jpg 2015-11-17_0025.jpg2015-11-17_0006.jpg

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