Aly -N- Cece Moody Engagement session at Austin's own Mohawk. / by Melanie Grizzel

Aly -N- Cece Moody Engagement session at Austin's own Mohawk.

Aly and Cece met almost six years ago when Cece was feeling a little squirrely (and  a little sauced) and made a fated prank phone call to Aly. What was supposed to be a quick fun little chat turned into a two hour conversation, which became a two week conversation. They decided to meet up and thus began their journey, together. A beginning as friends is how I met my better half too. When these guys tell me they want to see themselves having fun in their wedding photos, I understand completely and I can relate!

Fast forward five years, Aly and Cece have endured a big move and a five year relationship, that's huge. Cece asked Aly's family for her hand in marriage and they said yes, and Aly said yes too at Universal Studios Harry Potter World. #nerds. Their wedding is coming soon, in fact they will be wed on my 10 year wedding anniversary with Steve. What a fitting celebration for us and a tribute to love itself.  #loveislove

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Aly -N- Cece in love at the Mohawk in Austin, Tx

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