Brooke and Nick's rainy day Mercury Hall Wedding. Austin, Tx / by Melanie Grizzel


Brooke and Nick rainy day Mercury Hall Wedding, Austin, Tx.

From Brooke:

Planning: The planning went well, I’m glad we gave ourselves a long engagement to think about things we wanted and to shop around. We did a good job sharing responsibilities, in fact I have to credit Nick with moving things along, I am really thankful that he wanted to be involved and help coordinate things. We’re both thankful for Rachelle, our 30-day coordinator at Mercury Hall. She did a great job answering our questions and helping us figure out last minute items, and on the day of the wedding it was such a relief knowing she was there to make it all run smoothly!

Favorite Memory: So many highlights come to mind, for both of us! For Nick, his highlights were seeing me for the first time in my dress, and giving his toast. For me, it was walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing Nick in front of me, and hearing all the loving remarks from my sister Kate, brother-in-law Peter, dad Rolfe, and of course Nick!

Wish you knew then: For Nick, the décor details are things you shouldn’t waste a lot of time or money on, most people don’t remember those things anyway. For me, I wish I hadn’t worried so much about how everyone was going to get along. Everyone there showed me so much love and support.

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