Ask M: To shot list or not to shot list, that is the question! / by Melanie Grizzel

Photographer Shot List To shot list or not to shot list, that is the question! And it's one that's answer is strictly opinion and preference. So, here it goes... I don't like shot lists.

It's so easy to get lost in "Pinterest-worthy" shots that you've been collecting on your wedding board since the day you got engaged (if not before - you know who you are ;) ). You've meticulously mapped out a shot list 100 shots deep that you're certain your photographer will be grateful for.

Eh. Wrong.

With a list that long, your photographer misses out on beautiful, candid moments because they're too busy looking at a piece of paper making sure they have all the shots you're requesting - that's no fun. This is YOUR real life wedding. You want to remember Aunt Sue gettin' down on the dance floor and Cousin Dan singing Frank Sinatra to your Memaw. These memories are priceless and definitely not ones you've found scrolling through Pinterest.

Now, I know there are some pictures you just HAVE to have. I send a questionnaire to all of my brides so I can get a feel for what's important to them. I ask for 10 shots they can't live without. Yes, 10. The rest is left to me to be creative and identify the moments you won't want to forget. This is where all that "trust" and "liking your photographer" stuff I write about comes in. It's so important that you believe your photographer knows what they're doing so that you can enjoy the best day of your life.

Just a few of our fav candids:


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