Congratulations Carolyn & Eric / by Melanie Grizzel

These are personal favorites from Carolyn & Eric’s Wedding Collection, enjoy!2016-06-06_0001.jpg 2016-06-06_0002.jpg 2016-06-06_0004.jpg 2016-06-06_0005.jpg 2016-06-06_0006.jpg 2016-06-06_0007.jpg 2016-06-06_0008.jpg 2016-06-06_0010.jpg 2016-06-06_0009.jpg 2016-06-06_0011.jpg 2016-06-06_0012.jpg 2016-06-06_0013.jpg 2016-06-06_0014.jpg 2016-06-06_0015.jpg 2016-06-06_0016.jpg 2016-06-06_0018.jpg 2016-06-06_0019.jpg 2016-06-06_0021.jpg 2016-06-06_0022.jpg 2016-06-06_0017.jpg 2016-06-06_0020.jpg 2016-06-06_0023.jpg 2016-06-06_0025.jpg 2016-06-06_0024.jpg 2016-06-06_0028.jpg 2016-06-06_0026.jpg 2016-06-06_0029.jpg 2016-06-06_0030.jpg 2016-06-06_0031.jpg 2016-06-06_0033.jpg 2016-06-06_0032.jpg 2016-06-06_0034.jpg 2016-06-06_0035.jpg 2016-06-06_0036.jpg 2016-06-06_0037.jpg 2016-06-06_0038.jpg 2016-06-06_0039.jpg 2016-06-06_0040.jpg 2016-06-06_0041.jpg 2016-06-06_0042.jpg 2016-06-06_0043.jpg 2016-06-06_0044.jpg 2016-06-06_0045.jpg 2016-06-06_0046.jpg 2016-06-06_0047.jpg 2016-06-06_0048.jpg 2016-06-06_0049.jpg 2016-06-06_0051.jpg 2016-06-06_0053.jpg 2016-06-06_0054.jpg 2016-06-06_0055.jpg 2016-06-06_0056.jpg 2016-06-06_0057.jpg 2016-06-06_0059.jpg 2016-06-06_0061.jpg 2016-06-06_0060.jpg 2016-06-06_0062.jpg 2016-06-06_0063.jpg 2016-06-06_0064.jpg 2016-06-06_0058.jpg 2016-06-06_0065.jpg 2016-06-06_0066.jpg 2016-06-06_0067.jpg 2016-06-06_0073.jpg 2016-06-06_0072.jpg 2016-06-06_0071.jpg 2016-06-06_0068.jpg 2016-06-06_0069.jpg 2016-06-06_0070.jpg 2016-06-06_0076.jpg 2016-06-06_0074.jpg 2016-06-06_0077.jpg 2016-06-06_0078.jpg 2016-06-06_0079.jpg 2016-06-06_0080.jpg 2016-06-06_0081.jpg 2016-06-06_0084.jpg 2016-06-06_0085.jpg 2016-06-06_0082.jpg 2016-06-06_0083.jpg 2016-06-06_0086.jpg 2016-06-06_0087.jpg 2016-06-06_0088.jpg 2016-06-06_0089.jpg 2016-06-06_0091.jpg 2016-06-06_0090.jpg 2016-06-06_0092.jpg 2016-06-06_0093.jpg 2016-06-06_0094.jpg 2016-06-06_0095.jpg 2016-06-06_0096.jpg 2016-06-06_0097.jpg 2016-06-06_0098.jpg 2016-06-06_0099.jpg 2016-06-06_0100.jpg 2016-06-06_0101.jpg 2016-06-06_0102.jpg 2016-06-06_0103.jpg 2016-06-06_0104.jpg 2016-06-06_0105.jpg 2016-06-06_0106.jpg 2016-06-06_0107.jpg 2016-06-06_0108.jpg 2016-06-06_0109.jpg

The Details

Venue: Montesino Ranch, Floral: Wild BunchesDJ: Penguin EntertainmentCatering: Chef Jay Events, Cakes: Bird Bakery, Ceremony Musicians: Montevista Strings and Jazz, Officiant: Rev. Lorelei Starbuck, Event Rentals: Whim Event Rentals, Bride's Hair: Chairish the Day, Day of Planner: Kelly Palella

The Bride’s Thoughts

"Our wedding was April 2, 2016 at Montesino Ranch in Wimberley, Texas. We had approximately 140 guests. We fell in love with Montesino when we first visited in 2015 when we started our wedding venue search. We wanted the style of the wedding to fit the venue and because Montesino itself is so beautiful very little decorations were needed. As far as wedding planning, our engagement was a little over a year. However, in that year I moved back from Seattle, we bought a house, I started a new job, and we started renovating the house. Needless to say, it was a busy year but we just chipped away at the wedding planning a little at a time and it all came together quite nicely at the end. The most important thing to both Eric and me was that we wanted it to be a fun weekend for all of our friends and family. I think we were both extremely calm on the day of the wedding because we had talked about how it didn't matter if we got off of our timeline or if some small detail went wrong. At the end of the day, we wanted it to be a laid back celebration and fun party." - Carolyn