Christy -N- Greg Engaged! - Austin Engagement Photography / by Melanie Grizzel

Austin Engagement Photographer

Christy and Greg.

We met while I was shooting a photo booth during a Leap benefit at Seaholm Power Plant. There were a line of attendees and Greg wanted to negotiate his wedding on the spot. But I told him he would just HAVE to come in and chat with me outside of that situation and my candor if what drew them to me. I met Christy again the same week at a wedding event I sent them to, and after that we were golden. So here we are folks, their wedding is tomorrow, on a piece of property her landlord owns, in South Austin. I can hardly wait to see how it's all going to come out, and hopefully a special quick trip for Greg to the fire station after their event. We'll see.

I spoke with Greg yesterday about plans and tomorrow and then about their engagement pictures and it was clear I won over a skeptic. He says the pictures I thought I would like were great but the pictures I wasn't so sure about or that made me feel stupid while we were shooting it look better. Trust is the #2 reason to do an engagement session. If you have the budget and you're waffling. Do it. It's remarkable how much piece of mind it can bring when you already have worked with your photographer.

Austin Engagement Photography

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Austin Engagement Photographer

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